Interview with a new senior IVF physician Dr. Monika Poláková


The GENNET clinics have been specialized in complex care in the field of medical genetics, prenatal care and infertility treatment since 1996.

We do place the possibility to help pairs to conceive a healthy baby among our main aims. We are trying to approach the cases individually, discreetly and primarily humanly in view of the fact that it is a sensitive topic and we are trying, along with our professional staff, to make your visit of our clinics as pleasant and easy as possible.

Except for top technological background, there are assisted reproduction physicians in our ranks who are very experienced in this field and they have got experience in research at home and abroad.

What´s more, our clinic in Prague 1 – GENNET Archa, strengthened its team with a new IVF senior physician – MUDr. Monika Poláková - who is having more than 20 years of experience in the field of reproduction medicine.

We asked the doctor a few questions and you can either meet her in our centre or you can book a consultation with her since January.

1. What brought you to the field of assisted reproduction?

It was a very long time ago when I was working at the Clinic of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the University Hospital Motol. One colleague who used to work in so called „anti-sterile counselling“ offered to me to perform an intrauterine insemination. I felt like a „God Creator“. I´m sure it turned out well.

2. What do you consider to be your biggest achievement in your carrier?

I haven´t been thinking about it like that yet – is looks as if it was the end…

I could say that my biggest achievement are my two beautiful children because it wasn´t easy either.

However, I might consider to be my biggest achievement the fact that I haven´t had it „ruined“ by various marketing and financial pressures which is our field endagered by.

3. How many pairs have got problems to conceive nowadays?

One fifth is given but the ratio might be a bit higher nowadays. Delaying pregnancy to a higher age is to be blame – it means that women who wouldn´t have had any problems with pregnancy, cannot get pregnant now. What´s more, pairs who wouldn´t have thought of pregnancy because of the age or a serious chronic disease are coming now. Such pairs didn´t get earlier into the statistics at all.

4. What are the most common causes of infertility?

The spectrum of infertility causes has moved from the classic causes, such as blocked Fallopian tubes, to the already mentioned higher age of the patients. Thus a cause which doesn´t fit well into the infertility causes of old gynaecologists. It´s so called lower oocyte (egg) reserve and lower oocyte (egg) quality in the ovaries.

5. What´s the assisted reproduction development? Are there any news in this field?

If we speak about IVF itself, I would say that the whole development is aimed at creating such conditions for both the oocyte (egg) and later the embryo during the whole process so that it comes to a pregnancy. Big teams are engaged in research on improvement of the quality of the oocyte (egg) itself. However, we will have to wait for such an „elixir of youth“ for some time I guess.

6. What would you like to reach in the field of assisted reproduction?

I would like to encrease the value of my knowledge not only for successful treatment of my patients but I´d also like to pass my knowledge on. My ideal is to work with a team of doctors who not only understand their field but who also think their job makes sense and they like it.

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