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Mia and Asia - our purpose in life


Many families have experienced a similar story to ours. We had 3 cycles of IVF with many side effects in Italy and decided to go a different way. We opted for a donated embryo because we believe DNA plays no role and that children are the children of the ones who raise them! We had 6 consultations at 6 different clinics and finally came across GENNET – where we met the human approach and professionalism. Everyone was ready to hold our hand and guide us. We never felt like a number or an ATM machine... and on the first try, we had our girls Mia and Asia, who are our purpose in life. Thank you so much to all the staff, doctors, nurses, in short everyone. And last but not least, we thank the management who do the important work "behind the scenes" and try to accommodate all wishes. You have given us the most precious thing that can be... we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mia and Asia - our purpose in life

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