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A little bundle of joy


My first impression of GENNET in Liberec and its entire staff was really great. Everyone was willing and kind. They took genetic samples and I underwent IUI. Unfortunately, this generated no results. Then I made an appointment for a hysteroscopy. The only problem I have is a tilted uterus. After I had recovered from that, I underwent another round of IUI. Then we decided to go even further and had to file a request with the insurance company and continue with our efforts. We were advised of all that awaited us. I had to inject myself into my tummy: this scared me a bit, but my partner helped me a lot. My egg samples were taken. The process moved a bit further, on thereafter I received the first KET 1 embryo. Unfortunately, it generated no results.

Another attempt was made a month later and also failed. We had another attempt after waiting for three months for me to recover and calm down; it was difficult. Another attempt with one embryo was also negative. Four months after the New Years, another attempt was made and I decided to have two embryos inserted. I was warned that there could be twins and that it had its risks, but I had to try it.

After 14 days I did a pregnancy test, and there were two lines; that day I had a blood sample taken and it was confirmed. I was pregnant! Even now I can hear the voice on the phone. I had the first ultrasound at GENNET and I got a photo of my little bean. It has been 16 days since I gave birth to my baby boy, healthy and beautiful.  We are both healthy and he is growing so well. He’s amazing.

It is not an easy journey, but it’s worth it. I know everybody says it, but I tried to let go, not thinking that it might not work. It is best to try to stay absolutely calm, and a little sweetheart is here. I know it’s not easy but it works. That’s all I can recommend: to be calm and not to give up. I thank the whole Gennet team and I’m glad I contacted them and I would do it again.

Mom Aneta, dad Milan, and son Maxík.

A little bundle of joy

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