IVF cycle with genetically tested (PGT-A) donated embryos

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Price: 2.300 €


  • Consultation and ultrasound examinations during the treatment cycle
  • The costs associated with the donation (incl. the medication for the donor and examinations).
  • Price per 1 blastocyst € 2 300
  • Price per 2 blastocysts € 4 600
  • There is a guarantee of an euploid embryo suitable for transfer on day 5 of culture (blastocyst) after PGT-A examination
  • Guaranteed priority order in case of unsuccessful thawing of embryos. The payment is only charged for actually transferred embryos.
  • Third cycle free of charge if the client does not become pregnant (confirmed heartbeat) at our clinic even after two cycles with donated embryos. In case that there were two blastocysts transferred each time during the 1st and 2nd cycle, the client is entitled to a transfer of two blastocysts free of charge in the third cycle. In all remaining cases, the client is entitled to transfer of 1 blastocyst for free in the third cycle.


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